Hollandaise Cod, Roasted Carrots, and Collard Greens

Fish is always hit or miss in many families across America. But, studies have shown eating omega-3 fatty acids regularly has resulted in improved cardiovascular health. Not to mention, fish is typically packed with many beneficial vitamins and minerals. Here’s my favorite fish recipe, adapted from a cooking class I took recently. I made a few adjustments, which made it faster and easier to cook, without compromising flavor.

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Unofficial Alamo Cafe Queso Recipe

Disclaimer: I’ve never worked at Alamo Cafe, nor do I know how they make their queso. But this is my best attempt to copy their texture and flavor.

If you’re from Central Texas, you’ve probably had Alamo Cafe. If you’ve never ordered their Queso, you’re missing out! They make one of the most pure and creamy cheese dips I have ever tried. Couple it with their freshly made flour tortillas, and you could make it a meal!

Unfortunately, Alamo Cafe is never going to reveal their secret to making this fantastic dip. And if you ask, they’ll just tell you it’s made with Velveeta. BULL CRAP! Anyone who has made queso with Velveeta knows this is not how Alamo Cafe queso tastes.

Give this recipe a shot. I think you’ll find that it closely resembles the gold they serve at Alamo Cafe.

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Postfix SMTP Sender Dependent Authentication

There are lots of use cases that involve custom authentication per sender or domain, which may or may not hit the same SMTP relay host. Most guides on the internet today only reference either one or different SMTP relay hosts… Here’s a guide for setting up different authentication on a domain by domain basis with the SMTP relay host being the same.

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